General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope
All services are rendered based on these General Terms and Conditions only. Any changes and amendments require the prior written approval of the Translator. General Terms and Conditions, as they might be provided by the Customer, will only be applicable if expressly acknowledged in advance by the Translator.

2. Scope of services
The scope of services includes translations, proofreading and editorial processing of texts.
3. Placement, confirmation and execution of orders
The Customer must place the order in writing. The Customer has to provide the Translator with the respective information on target language, required deadlines and all further information which are relevant for service performance. 
Orders will only be valid when based on these General Terms and Conditions, if not otherwise expressly agreed upon between Customer and Translator in writing.
The Customer must provide all necessary information and source material in due time to enable the Translator to create the translation. The Translator will not be responsible for any defects arising out of Customers non-compliance with this obligation.

4. Payment
Payment to the Translator for services rendered shall be effected immediately after receipt of invoice in full. Due to the “small business regulation” according to German tax law (art. 19 UstG), sales tax will not be invoiced.

5. Removal of defects
The Translator reserves the right to remove defects, if any. Customer has the right to claim the removal of any defects which might be included in the translation. Customer’s right to claim the removal of defects must be made in writing, including a due justification, by no later than three months after delivery of the translation.

6. Liability
The Translator’s liability towards the Customer is limited to wilful misconduct and gross negligence. The Translator shall only be liable for simple negligence in case of a material breach of contractual obligations. The Translators hereby excludes any liability for indirect and consequential damages.
7. Retention of title / Copyrights
The translation remains in the ownership of the Translator until payment has been received in full. The Translator reserves the copyright.
8. Place of Performance
The place of performance for all services and payments shall be Schornsheim, Germany.

9. Applicable law and Jurisdiction
The contractual relationship and all further services are subject to German law. Place of Jurisdiction for Customer as well as Translator is Mainz, Germany.

10. Severability Clause
If any part of these general terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or is incomplete, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall be unaffected hereby.

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